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Testing Academy is an international software testing Academy which provides the software testing training programs have been developed by combining Test Engineering best-practices and years of hands-on real-world experience and research.
Our training materials are updated on an on-going basis to reflect the latest technologies, techniques, and processes that are developed from practical experience and through our partnerships with several industry and academic organizations.
We have built a reputation for delivering quality software testing training courses that are practical and relevant to the workplace.

Our aim is to help raise testing industry standards, promote career development and provide IT and testing professionals and their employers with a competitive advantage.

Training Catalog
Software tester certification:  
ISTQB® Certified Tester—Foundation Level Training 4days more info (Chinese only)
ISTQB® Certified Tester—Advanced Level -Test Manager Training 4days more info (Chinese only)


In-house Training:  
Fundamentals of software testing 2days  
Software test metrics 2days  
Software test process management 2days  
Software test tools & Automation 2days  
Automation test tools (Chinese Only) 2days  
Practice of product test management 2days  
Defect management & Practice 2days  
Risk management & Practice 2days  
Test estimantion & Practice 2days  

Career Training:  
Career Training (for the fresh graduates) 434 hours more info(Chinese only)


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