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Software Development Services
Software Development Services
Take advantage of the most efficient, most cost-effective software development outsourcing solution possible. Whether you need a small offshore team or a complete integrated global solution including project management, offshore engineering, software testing and more, imbus China offers access to highly trained, high performance and English skills, low-turnover staff in China to exactly meet your needs.

Our highly skilled offshore software engineers specializing in:

  • C, C++, C#
  • Java, .NET
  • SQL, Oracle and other database development
  • PHP, ASP and other general web development
  • Many other software engineering skills

Low-Cost Offshore and Global Solutions:

  • Onshore or offshore project management
  • Highly trained, highly skilled developers
  • Integrated bug tracking and software testing
  • Develop faster, test faster, get more done

Case Study
Casestudy-Intergration Testing
Casestudy-Function testing
Casestudy-Automation Testing
Casestudy-Product develop and test
Casestudy-System test(pdf)
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