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Test data management from a new perspective

“Trends in Testing 2014” presents methodical procedure and best practices

Moehrendorf, 23 January 2014 – Managing test data effectively is a real challenge. There are many reasons for this: beginning with the technology, to a multiplicity of involved systems, to data protection. That is why it is so important to use a methodical approach for test data management. The German-language information event “Trends in Testing 2014” shows what is possible today.

Under the Motto “Test data management – change your perspective!” this year’s “Trends in Testing” highlights the topic in typically entertaining imbus’ manner. Between the presentations the imbus experts and speakers will be available to discuss individual questions, too.
The road show is underway across Germany and Switzerland in March and April. It starts in Zurich on 11 March. Other venues are Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Munich, Hofheim/Taunus, Cologne and Hamburg. In the road show’s luggage: tool manufacturers and best practices for methodical procedure – a combination making the event unique within this framework.
Participants can subsequently download all presentation slides on http://www.imbus.de/ The event is free of charge.
For further information, the entire programme and the application form please visit the German-language site http://www.trends-in-testing.de/.

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