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From Moehrendorf to Sousse

TestBench expert Samir Chouaieb chairs new-founded imbus Tunisia

Sousse, 7 February 2014 – From a product developer, to a team leader, to a project leader…: Samir Chouaieb has been working at imbus for five years now. Thanks to a great deal of commitment and a convincing idea he has come a long way. He initiated the founding of imbus Tunisia – and became its CEO.

Up to now, the developer team of the TestBench was centrally situated in the imbus Headquarter in Moehrendorf, Germany. The TestBench is a professional management solution for all phases of the testing process. Yet as the number of tasks grew the company decided to install new capacity.
“That gave me the idea of suggesting a near-shore development site in Tunisia”, explains Samir Chouaieb. He is a born Tunisian so he knows the strengths of the country “starting with the fast air connection to the imbus colleagues in Germany, via the high educational level in Tunisia through to the existing software development know-how”. In addition to that, a TestBench team in Maghreb can provide French speaking user support for the tool.
In spring last year Samir Chouaieb presented the idea to his colleagues. The final decision was taken in summer. Samir Chouaieb and imbus Germany worked hand-in-hand in the planning and realisation of the new site. A Tunisian agency supported them in respect of on-site formalities and administrative proceedings. Thanks to the well mapped-out plan of proceeding it took only half a year till the start of imbus Tunisia.
imbus Tunisia is based in Sousse, a university city and popular tourist city. “It’s simply a dream to live and work here”, tells Samir Chouaieb. He, his wife, who runs the office, and four product developers belong to the current imbus Tunisia team. New staff will be taken in the months ahead.
“When I started at imbus, the TestBench was still in its infancy. Over the years it became a powerful and mature product and the project grew very close to my heart”, underlines Samir Chouaieb. “That is why I’m so excited to be able to support together with my colleagues here in Tunisia its further development.”

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