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At a Glance
Main Functions
At a Glance

imbus TestBench - A Summary of Key Points.

20 years of test management experience are reflected in every aspect of the TestBench.
  • Provides fundamental support for all tasks in software testing

  • test planning, test design, test automation, test execution and reporting
  • Fully integratable in your test system landscape

  • Allows integration of several requirements management systems and a defect management system into a project
  • Rapid deployment thanks to various test description methods

  • (from simple to highly professional, for manual and automated tests)
  • Especially efficient for test design and test specification

  • through reuse of data and test steps (interaction methods) and separation of test descriptions and test data
  • Convenient for test planning and control

  • thanks to the versatile options for evaluations and process depiction
  • Easily understandable for all testers

  • thanks to the deployment of the integrated test execution assistant iTORX
  • Flexible learning

  • options resulting from the modular set-up and the roles model (for every role there is an extra instruction unit to facilitate rapid and optimised familiarisation)
  • 100% comprehensible and audit-compliant

  • regarding test results thanks to integrated version and configuration management
  • Flexibility in automated test execution

  • achieved by deploying any number of test automation tools
  • Easily extended by additional modules

  • Testing intelligence, electronic signature, test evaluation and model-based testing
  • Extremely good value for money using the renting model

  • Start straight away without high investments costs
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